Mám koule žít

As the KICK ITALY 2017 project itself does not make sense to anyone but us, we decided to connect our skills with the Petr Koukal´s foundation and his project STK for men. Together we want to ask anyone:

Goal No. 1

There are many people, who are negligent of their health care. Same way as Petr Koukal was used to some years ago. Preventive health check-ups seem to be unimportant to them. They are ashamed of their health problems. This attitude is of course crazy and it boomeranged to Petr himself, when cancer nearly stopped not just his sport career, but also his life. Sometimes you have to have nuts just for encouraging to go to doctor early enough … and to survive.

With the “KICK ITALY 2017 – …“ project we want to activate knowledge of the public about not just a cancer threats, and help with increasing anyone´s health care prevention.

Goal No. 2

Current times are hectic. Many people are captured by their occupation, society habits, are limited with preconceptions, personal or other problems. Some are just lazy to leave their TV sofas and go out where every day sun is really shining. Sometimes it is difficult, or even almost impossible to start to live, in a way you like to. For this you need to have nuts.

The goal of the “KICK ITALY 2017 ….. “ project is also inspiring public to discover, that it is never too late to set a new goal or to live a new dream. It is never too late to start to live again.

As a result we decided to donate certain amount of money we get from our partners and project fans for the realization of the project , to the Petr Koukal´s Foundation to support Petr´s effort in STK for Men and his other activities.