Giro Starts in Sardegna, we begin our journey on May 4 2017

Giro starts in Sardegna. It is true. Still better then in Dubai, but not ideal for us. It means more costs for ferries and other logistic problems.

On the other hand, the 100th Tour de France started on Corsica. We loaded ferry in Livorno and then we were cruising to Bastia. In May 2017 we would start from the same port, going to Olbia on Sardegna however.

Similarly to 2013 there would be 3 stages on island. First bumpy 203km from Alghero to Olbia along great Costa Smeralda.

t01_olbia_plan-1024x1024 t01_olbia_alt-1024x585

Second stage to Tortoli would have 208km and it would be the first mountain test going from zero to 1005m to Gennina Silana. Not an easy start.

t02_tortoli_plan-1024x1024 t02_tortoli_alt-1024x585

Luckily the third stage is flat and less then 150km, good for us.

t03_cagliari_plan-1024x1024 t03_cagliari_alt-1024x585

What comes after? Nobody knows. All would be officially intrduced on October 28th. It seems we will have to move to Sicily and then travel through Italy all the way north to Alps.

That would not be easy for sure:)