Footbikers are preparing for the Giro d´Italia 2017 – Press release

The team that accomplished the 100 th Tour de France in 2013 comes back. Six footbikers would come to the start of the 100 th Giro d´Italia in May 2017. Similarly to the Tour de France, they will ride every stage in full length just one day before cyclists.

“Tour de France is the famous cycling race, but Giro d´Italia is only four years younger. And we think it is the hardest cycling stage race at time,” says Honza Vlášek, one of the riders and organizers of the project KCIK ITALY 2017. According to his words, the problem will be not only a wild May weather when high in Alps and Dolomites lay still meters of snow, but also shorter days and crazy traffic on Italian roads.

Footbikers expect, that they will have to kick upt to 20 hours a day, because the longest stages may be 250km long and the mountainous ones shall count over 5000m of height difference.

“It would be crazy everyday job. Wake up early in the morning, start at dark, come to the finish around midnight, take a nap and then again and again,” says Václav Liška, who was a media face of the Tour de France 2013 project. “The project itself does not make any sense, if we absolve it just for ourselves. As a result we connect the project with a Czech Olympian badminton player Petr Kouklal and his foundation STK for Men. We want to bring a cancer dangers into focus and find a financial sources to support Koukal´s activities in fight against this malicious decease,” says Liška.

Petr Koukal, who is nowadays preparing for his first match in Rio Olympics, afterthoughts: “ I am happy that I could have connected my foundation project with the KICK ITALY 2017 and I am looking forward to fight for healthier world and more active attitude to live.”

The team will face not only nine months of training, but also tough process of finding partners of the project and whole large support team, that would help to bring this crazy mission safely to the finish line. In May 2017 the team would go to Sardinia, where three weeks kicking through the toughest cycling stage race begins.


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