A Short Story about Comeback

Thinking about coming back? Well this started right on Champs Élysées right after we finished Tour de France 2013. We were sitting with Alpo in front of McDonald´s, sweated, tired and happy, that all is over. Each of us eat some 6 cheesburgers or so that night. What a comeback into real life! In euphoria we were shooting ideas around – what, when, where to kick next time!

After coming back home, we slowly started to forget our ideas. Being a bit lazy. Some of us getting fatter and even more fat. Just struggling in our sportive life.

In winter 2015 we were running with Vasek in forest and just a small idea came to our mind. How about Paris – Roubaix? Have we been missing something? So we did Paris – Roubaix 2015. A bit bumpy journey one day before cyclists.

And again we have started to talk about, what, if… We were certain however – if something, it must make any sense to us. And if something makes sense, it is CORSA ROSA, as Alpo called this later. I am not sure, what it means in translation, but for sure that should be all three big cycling stage races (tour, Giro, Vuelta) at time of their 100 th edition.

OK. We did Tour in 2013. And Giro is much closer then it seems to be. Nine months and we will be on the road again. Decision was made in autumn 2015. Since that moment we are working on making it happen. And one day before Rio Olympics, we are online. We slowly start with reminding the entire hell that met us in France. We start to be worried, but also looking forward to our ride.

And Vuelta? If we go through Giro, we will have to come back again. Not in one year, neither in two. It would be in 29 years. If world around us still exists, we will come back in 2045. Some of us will be over 50, some over 60 and Alpo 72. And then all of it will start to make sense. Finalizing journey, that started one day with Vasek´s crazy idea…